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If you own a MILTON frame, you know have a collectible.

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We dedicate this site to the most wonderful person you could have had the pleasure to meet. His attention to detail made his buggies some of the best on the market. He believed each buggy was to be an individual. He had a love for helping others and creating things from metal. Barry was a true artist with a mechanical mind. Barry just returned from the big dunes of Idaho this year. We all had a great time.


Mr. Barry L. Hutton, 59 died Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013

He was born June 14, 1954 in Hampton Court, England, the son of Russell & Audrey

Barry was a U.S. Navy veteran having served in Vietnam.

He was a welder for El Dorado Bus Company and known globally for his passion for building dune buggies as Milton Sandtoys

He is preceded in death by his father and brother, Rory.

He is survived by:
Wife: Ruth
Mother: Audrey
Daughters: Shawna and Brianna
Sons: Shannon and Brandon
12 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild


I am going to keep this website up. I hope all of Barry's friends and family will send updates of their adventures.

He shared so much with others, let's keep it up and share with each other.


                                                     Randy Packard


Barrys buggy is for sale. Please check it out on the Bulletin Board



Milton Sand Toys & Fabrication is one of the best builders of family fun for the dune buggy and sandrail enthusiast.

  Centrally located in the Midwest  offering buggies built to be multi-functional for both the entry level and advanced enthusiast  

No refunds on modifications

Milton frames are for built for off road use only






Milton frames are for built for off road use only

All sizes are fully jig welded

Models defined by wheel base length (center of front axle to center of rear axle), wheel travel and number of seats

92 inch to 114 inch 2 seat        114 inch to 118 inch 4 seat   

100 inch to 118 inch 2 + 2        118 inch to 130 inch 5 seat


                                                                                               It is not horse power that makes a wheely


              Milton 92 inch Wheelie Machine VW


              Milton Sand Toys                                                                

                    Email  packard@hbcomm.net


Milton Sand Toys & Fabrication has been called a buggy shop and has operating for a few years now   Working on 3 and 4 wheelers  4x4s and on and off road dunebuggys and sand rails  The Milton frame comes in 4 styles  the 114 inch 2 and 4 seat models  106 inch 2 seat model and  92 inch 2 seat model   Using both stock and modified suspension  A-arm front suspension is also available  They are set up and either tacked or fully welded while in the jig  The engine compartments are large enough to accommodate either volkswagen or larger motors  The torsion tubes are installed to house a volks wagon motor  All the frame styles have been used at the sand dunes  The nearest sanddunes for our regular use is  Little Sahara  in Oklahoma   We will be heading to  Glamis  and other dunes this summer    dune  buggy  buggies  dunebuggies  frames  sand  volkswagon  sandrail  frames  fiberglass  beach  beachbuggy  manx